Kemeneth Educational Vision

Creating the Kemeneth Multi Academy Trust

Proposal for Consultation is clear that Kemeneth must incorporate the following aims:

Improving educational outcomes

Delivering a better education;

Broadening the curriculum;

Widening opportunities for pupils;

Improving the quality of teaching;

The development of closer partnership working;

The preservation of local schools with local headteachers.

Kemeneth provides a very rich education to the 1460 children in its care

Pupils learn how to communicate confidently in writing and in speaking and with numbers.

They talk about their learning and know what they need to do to improve.

They make more progress than nationally is expected of them. 

They surprise themselves and their parents by what they know, understand and can do.  This is especially true of those pupils who traditionally underachieve (boys, able; disadvantaged children, esp able; SEN pupils).

They believe in themselves; know how to turn their exciting ideas into reality and do so.

They learn first-hand what it means to live, work and play in Cornwall and take care of the environment.

They have a real voice in planning and evaluating what works for them.

They know self-discipline and abide by the rules of the community, how to work in a team and how to lead others.

They are polite, reliable, adaptable and persevering.

They understand, are tolerant of and respect other views and ways of life and know what it means to be British.

They know their career options and have the skills to attain their dreams.

And they have fun.

And they are safe.

They leave Kemeneth competent and confidentprepared to give something back.

Opportunities of a MAT With Church Schools

The Christian ethos of Mawnan and Flushing Schools brings a renewed and fresh opportunity for each of Kemeneth Schools to review their spiritual and moral dimension. 

The ethos of the church schools has always influenced Penryn Partnership and continues to influence Kemeneth.  The sense of family so evident at Flushing “like being taught in your own home” and Mawnan is replicated in other Kemeneth Schools where a sense of family is also a key indicator of their distinctiveness.

The Church Schools feel that the Education Plan has a clear thread of Christian distinctiveness which relates closely to the spiritual and moral threads for other MAT schools. 

Sponsorship of Other Schools

DfE: Educational Excellence Everywhere makes clear children perform better in MATS that have ensured a firm foundation of an efficient infrastructure and effective school improvement before any expansion takes place.  The planned conversion date of April 2018 is to enable this to happen.  After this date, Kemeneth will sponsor other schools as requested by the Regional Office, Cornwall LA, other MATs and schools requiring sponsorship themselves. 

Kemeneth will remain part of the Penryn Partnership and Penryn Partnership schools in other MATs will always be able to join Kemeneth if they wish.  They will continue to benefit from all educational developments. 


We want to cement in law our relationship is because we want to cement our belief that the purpose of education is to give children the chance to learn how to be the very best people they can be, who understand, are tolerant of and respect other views and ways of life.  This is at the heart of our shared beliefs and education plans. 

We all believe that people matter and that everyone has something valuable to contribute, whether it is teacher, child, parent, governor, trustee or member of the community.  Valuing people will always drive the culture of Kemeneth because we recognise that people, their beliefs, skills and talents are the key to enabling children to become better and wiser adults.